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TummyToys 14K White Gold Pink Sapphire Heart Belly Ring

  • Product ID: TT-28016
  • Metal Type: 14K White Gold
  • Gem Type: Sapphire
  • Gem Color: Pink
  • Gauge: 14 Ga
  • Length: 13.50mm
  • Quantity:



  • Above is a beautiful solid white gold belly button ring perfect for every day wear.

    • This item is made to order and may take up to 2 weeks for delivery, please contact us for delivery time sales@tummytoys.com

      • No other body jewelry offers the convenience, security and beauty of real jewelry like TummyToys.

        • Imagine the enjoyment you will have when wearing this gorgeous piece!

          • * Easy removable one-piece clasp, eliminates tiny hard to handle balls

          • * Clasps are solid precious metals, nickel-free, no plating!

          • * TummyToys are 13.5 mm .53 inch from notch to end.
            * Standard Barbell is 13 mm from inside ball to inside ball .50 Inch

          • * If a standard barbell fits you a TummyToys navel ring will fit you too