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Professional Polishing Cloth By Tummytoys

Professional Polishing Cloth By Tummytoys
  • Product ID: TT-60000PC
  • Professional Polishing Cloth: Professional Polishing Cloth - Jewelry Cleaner
  • Professional Polishing Cloth: Polishing
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Above is our Professional Polishing Cloth. This polishing cloth is perfect to keep your TummyToy shiny and looking it's best! It comes with detailed directions on how to polish your jewelry properly.
  • Easy removable one-piece navel ring clasp, eliminates tiny hard to handle balls

  • Clasps are solid precious metals, nickel-free, no plating!

  • TummyToys┬« are longer than a Standard Belly Bar is 13 mm from inside ball to inside ball


All TummyToys Belly Button Rings Are Patented Exclusive Designs

Made by women in the USA

Money Back Guarantee